"Good Night, Darwin." (2019), ambient lullabies, (Dedicated to Darwin Anais Cobb)

Fourth & Blue (2019), music for Oslo Rite

SHEath (2018-2019), film score, Neo-Tribalist Films

Rival (2017) music for two percussionists (Commissioned by the New Works for Percussion Project)

Bezango, WA (2015), film score, Austin Amandes Productions

  1. Bezango Music: Jim Woodring

  2. Bezango Music: Frank & Jim Podcast

  3. Bezango Music: Fantagraphics

  4. Bezango Music: The New Yorker - Shannon Wheeler & Dan McConnell

  5. Bezango Music: Kelly Froh & Eroyn Franklin

nest (2014) music for two violins & piano (Dedicated to Anne, Keely, & Kimberly Rendle)

"Let's play!" (2013) music for flute quartet (f/f/af/bf/)

Disparate Lands (2012) music for solo clarinet

Awake! (2011), music for Saxophone Quartet (a/t/t/b)

Estate of Mind (2011), music for film

Steady (2006, revised 2010), music for Crosstalk

Safety First (2009), music for the Tom Baker Quartet (Dedicated to Lincoln Cobb)

"from so simple a beginning..." (2009), music for Viola da Gamba & Harpsichord (Composed for Salvatore Macchia)

D & A (2009), music for flute & viola (Dedicated to Domingos Robinson & Anjali Lind)

Knoll (2008), music for the Tom Baker Quartet

dear s., (2008), Music for solo piano (dedicated to Stephanie Deshaies on our 10th Wedding Anniversary)

Valor (2007), Fanfare for Brass and Percussion

Caged: an adaptation of Charles Ives' "The Cage" (2007), music for Crosstalk

Four Quarters (2007), Indeterminate Composition for the Tom Baker Quartet

Canterburied (2006), Music for the Tom Baker Quartet (Dedicated to Jesse Canterbury)

Campfire Songs (Dissertation, 2006), A song Cycle for mezzo-soprano, baritone, flute, clarinet, guitar, banjo, violin, cello, & percussion (Dedicated to Stephanie L. Deshaies)

Metamorphosis Happens (2005) , music for the Tom Baker Quartet (Composed in celebration of Tom Baker's 40th birthday)

Family of Four (2005),  music for the Tom Baker Quartet (Dedicated to the family unit)

sCatterEd  (2004), Music for solo flute (Composed for Danijela Djakovic)

in a far country (2003, revised 2006), music for soprano/alto saxophone and piano (Commissioned by Chien-Kwan Lin for the 2003 World Saxophone Congress)

dripping a drip (2002), musique concrete, (poem by Brian Cobb & narrated by Doug Niemela)

amongst the woods in the dead of winter (a spirit passes through) (2002),  music for computer-realized sound

the woodmen (revised) (2001-2002), music for two double basses

beyond the distant hill (2001), music for computer-realized sound

tree (the presen(t)ension between green and red) (2000), music for oboe, bassoon, violin, viola and violoncello

from whence it came… (1999), music for wind orchestra and piano

purity of unity (1999), music for solo bassoon

The Tell-Tale Heart (1997), Film music (String quartet, percussion and two soprano voices)

dust (1997), music for soprano voice, flute, piano and percussion

the assassin (1996), song for soprano voice and orchestra

Big Bad Gus (1996), Music for a small improvising ensemble

Nice Piece (1996), Music for small jazz ensemble

leaf (1995), Sonata for violoncello and piano

three songs for baritone voice and piano (1994)